Saturday, November 5, 2016

Donald Trump Has Destroyed Documents and Emails in Defiance of Court Orders for 40 Years

Donald Trump's secret weapons are a paper shredder and a delete button. The white nationalist rhetoric and "lock her up" chants might be getting all the attention, and Trump himself has lost his mind with glee over FBI director James Comey's announcement of potential new Hillary Clinton emails, but the candidate and his companies have been conveniently destroying thousands of emails and paper documents that were requested by prosecutors going back decades, a new investigation from Newsweek's Kurt Eichenwald reveals.

The pattern of behavior predates email, starting at least in 1973, when both Donald Trump, his father Fred Trump and their companies were sued by the federal government over charges that they systematically refused to rent apartments to black tenants. Trump began by stalling and missing deadlines to turn over important and likely incriminating documents for months. As Eichenwald points out, this was particularly egregious because:...

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